WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers

WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers

Losing a pacifier can spell doom! Attach to a cuddly plush toy and suddenly all is well with the world. Easy to hold onto and easy to spot! The plush toy is machine washable on gentle cycle and air dry. The soother can be sterilized.

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WubbaNub Blue Bear
WubbaNub Brown Puppy
WubbaNub Creme Kitten
WubbaNub Baby Penguin
WubbaNub Baby Yellow Duck
WubbaNub Elephant
WubbaNub Fox
WubbaNub Green Frog
WubbaNub Baby Giraffe
WubbaNub Hippo
WubbaNub Little Lamb
WubbaNub Lion
WubbaNub Monkey
WubbaNub Little Mouse
WubbaNub Pink Bear
WubbaNub Pink Cat
WubbaNub Red Dog