whittleWOOD Teethers

Teething is tough work for Baby and parents. These beautiful hand crafted maple teethers are sure to make it go easier! These teethers are made by hand using locally sourced sustainable maple. Whittle Wood teethers provide a simple, natural alternative for the gnawing baby. Each teether has a coating applied that is made of beeswax and olive oil. No plastics, no chemicals.

whittleWOOD, Builder
whittleWOOD, Bartlett
whittleWOOD, Bling
whittleWOOD, Builder
whittleWOOD, Colada
whittleWOOD, Mister
whittleWOOD, Scoops
whittleWOOD, Selfie
whittleWOOD, Selfie