Professional Quality. Legendary Safety

Foundations is the foremost supplier of cribs to child care centres and hotels in the US. More major hotel chains and child care chains specify Foundations cribs than any other brand of cribs.

The company's focus is on product development in high use commercial environments where safety, ease of use, durability, and comfort are paramount. Foundation products are designed and engineered from the ground up with these applications in mind. They are not simply a consumer grade product that happens to also be sold to commercial users.

All Foundations products meet mandatory safety standards published by the Consumer Products Safety Commission as well as all voluntary standards published by ASTM and JPMA. Additionally, Foundations ensures that all their products meet the most recent applicable fire standards mandated by the state of California and others.

You can rest assured when you choose a Foundations product that it meets the highest expectations. Macklem's is pleased to carry the following Foundations products which are built to Canadian safety standards.