Air Humidifiers

It might sound strange, but Duux designs products for parents, not for babies. Parents are the ones who use the products.

A lot of attention is given to appearance and ease-of-use. A combination of design and optimum ease of use; that's what Duux is all about.The strength of great design is that it dispenses with complicated and superfluous features.

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Mist is immediate with just a single press. The air is kept clean with the built-in ionizer. The built in nightlight is soothing to your child. The large water tank will allows for fewer fillings!

  • Silent operation
  • Filter-less
  • Auto shut down
  • Large water tank
  • Night light
  • Interval timer
  • Immediate mist
  • Energy saving
  • Speed control