Pinnacle CT Booster Seat

Britax Pinnacle CT, Broadway
Britax Pinnacle CT, Circa
Britax Pinnacle CT, Manhattan

Pinnacle CT Specifications:

Child Weight (lbs) Forward Facing Harness: 2 years & 25, up to 65
(2 years & 11.4, up to 29.5 kgs)
Booster: 40 - 120 (18.2 - 54.5 kgs)
Child Standing Height (in) Forward Facing Harness: 30 - 58 (76.2 - 147.3 cm)
Booster: 45 - 62 (114.3 - 157.5 cm)
Child Seated Shoulder Height (in) Forward Facing Harness: 12.5 - 20.5 (31.8 - 52.1 cm)
Booster: 15 - 23 (38.1 - 58.4 cm)
Product Weight (lbs) 26.5 (12 kgs)
Product Dimensions Harness Minimum (in) 22.5W x 28H x 21D (57.15W x 71.1H x 53.3D cm)
Product Dimensions Harness Maximum (in) 22.5W x 36H x 21D (57.15W x 91.4H x 53.3D cm)
Product Dimensions Booster Minimum (in) 22.5W x 28H x 21D (57.15W x 71.1H x 53.3D cm)
Product Dimensions Booster Maximum (in) 22.5W x 36H x 21D (57.15W x 91.4H x 53.3D cm)
Seating Compartment Height (in) 23.5 (59.7 cm)
Seat Area Depth / Width (in) 13.5 / 12 (34.3 / 30.5 cm)
Shoulder Width (in) 15.5 (39.4 cm)
Harness Slot Heights (in) 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 / 15.5 / 16.5 / 17.5 / 18.5 / 19.5 / 20.5
(31.8 / 34.3 / 36.8 / 39.4 / 41.9 / 44.5 / 47 / 49.5 / 52.1 cm)
Buckle Strap Depths (in) 7.0 / 9.0 (17.8 / 22.9 cm)

Pinnacle CT Features:

  • ClickTight Installation System Easy to achieve a secure installation using the vehicle seat belt throughout the life of the seat, in harness mode.
  • True Side Impact Protection provides deep side walls and a head restraint with energy-absorbing EPP foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body keeping them aligned
  • Base with SafeCell Technology base compresses in an accident lowering the center of gravity, which rewduces the forward movement of the car seat
  • Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether anchors the top of the car seat to the vehicle using a two-point attachment, also minimizing the amount of forward movement of the car seat. Stage-released stitching helps further reduce the crash forces
  • EZ-Buckle System retains the harness buckle in a forward position and keeps the child from sitting on the buckle
  • Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing during a crash
  • Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness provides a secure fitand distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and
  • Two Buckle Positions create a snug and secure fit
  • Armrests provide a place to rest arms
  • Quick-Adjust No-Rethread Harness lets you adjust the harness shoulder height and head restraint from the front of the seat without disassembling the harness straps
  • Can transition from Harness to Booster mode without removing harness straps
  • Integrated Cup Holders and Storage
  • 120 lb (54.4 kg) Weight Capacity in Booster Mode
  • 65 lb (29.5 kg) Weight Capacity in Harness Mode allows your child to remain harnessed up to 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
  • Easy-Remove Cover without disassembling the harness or uninstalling the car seat
  • Color-Coded Vehicle Belt Guides provide a visual path and positioning of the vehicle seat belt for use in either harness or booster mode
  • Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) provides resistance to forward movement in the event of a crash
  • Compatible with SecureGuard which works with the vehicle safety belt in booster mode to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt during impact(accessory sold separately)
  • Premium LUAS Connectors
  • Harness-2-Booster converts to a belt-positioning booster seat
  • Certified for Aircraft Travel in Harness Mode