Advocate ClickTight Converting Car Seat

Britax Advocate-Clicktight, Circa

Advocate ClickTight Specifications:

Child Weight (lbs) Rear Facing: 5 - 40 (2.3 - 18.1 kg)
Forward Facing: 22 and walks unassisted, up to 65
(10 kg and walks unassisted, up to 29.5 kg)
Child Standing Height (in) 49 or less (124.5 cm or less)
Child Seated Shoulder Height (in) Rear Facing: 7.6 - 18.65 (19.3 - 47.3 cm)
Forward Facing: 12 - 18.65 (30.5 - 47.3 cm)
Product Weight - Car Seat Only (lbs) 30.1 (13.65 kg)
Product Dimensions (in) 20.5W x 23.5H x 23D (52W x 59.7H x 58.4D cm)
Seat Area Depth / Width (in) 10.5 / 11.5 (26.7 / 29.2 cm)
Shoulder Width (in) 16 (40.6 cm)
Harness Slot Heights (in) 8.35 to 19.4 (21.2 to 49.3 cm), 14 positions
Buckle Strap Depths (in) 5.25 / 7 (13.3 / 17.8 cm)

Advocate ClickTight Features:

  • ClickTight Installation System ensures that anybody can install the car seat by just buckling the seat belt.
  • SafeCell Impact Protection is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect your child well beyond safety standards. The seat includes an Impact Absorbing Base, Tether and Harness, an Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and Complete Side Impact Protection. SafeCell means your child is surrounded in safety.
  • SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection MAX provides the highest level of protection: a deep protective shell absorbs crash forces and protects your child from debris, an energy-absorbing headrest keeps your child's head and neck secure, and external cushions compress to divert energy away and protect adjacent passengers.
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base compresses to absorb crash energy and counteract forward movement.
  • SafeCell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame gives you strength where you want it most, through the spine of the car seat reducing forward flex and at the connection points to the vehicle.
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Tether minimizes potential seat rotation with a unique two-strap design and slows forward movement with patented rows of stitching that give-way one at a time.
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Harness keeps your child's chest clip correctly positioned and absorbs energy in the event of a crash.
  • Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator gives an audible click to assist you in the proper tightening of your child's harness.
  • Quick-Adjust, 14-Position Harness and 2-Position Buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable, secure fit.
  • 7-Position Recline with Automatic Level Indicator adjusts for your child's comfort while ensuring the best installation angle for your car.
  • Plush Foam Padding in the cover, buckle pad, shoulder pads and removable pillow surrounds your child in comfort at every point.
  • Anti-rebound bar to limit child seat rotation in a crash when installed rear facing.
  • Easy-Remove Cover for cleaning.
  • EZ-Buckle System keeps buckles and straps out of your way when placing your child in the car seat.
  • Certified for Aircraft Travel