Bornfree BPA Free Baby Bottles

Bornfree 5 oz Bottle Classic Bottle
Bornfree 9 oz Bottle Classic Bottle

BornFree leak proof BPA-Free baby bottles come in plastic or glass and feature an innovative venting system designed to promote Active Feeding and help minimize the painful symptoms of colic.
The free flow silicone air valve incorporated into the BornFree Venting System breathes together with your feeding baby and starts a steady flow of liquid only when your baby suckles, just like breastfeeding.
Active Feeding, where babies control their own flow of milk, makes for a comfortable and easy feed for both of you while combining naturally with breastfeeding.
The BornFree Venting System simple two part venting system is specially designed to reduce the vacuum build-up inside bottles that often can lead to gas, spit-up and painful colic in newborns. The vent allows a continuous free flow of air into the nipple while the baby is feeding.
The low pressure inside BornFree bottle and cups is also medically acknowledged to reduce the risk of ear infections in babies and toddlers.

Additional Features

  • Silicone Nipples available with 5 flow rates
  • Inner Valve and Air Vent to minimize colic
  • Transparent BPA free plastic or glass
  • Dishwasher Safe, (top rack)
  • Natural milk flow similar to breastfeeding, allows baby to control the flow and helps prevent nipple confusion
  • Nipples, collars, valves, and sippy cup spouts and handles are interchangeable on all Born Free bottles and transition cups